Saturday, December 12, 2015

Practical Sins for Cold Climates by Shelley Costa

★★★★ ☐ The publisher has provided a copy for review

Take a trip far from city life with Val Cameron, Senior Editor, who is sent on an assignment by her boss. Far from the lights of New York, she takes up a challenge to get a contract signed for personal as well as professional reasons. I initially picked this up and put it down. Then I started over.

And I’m glad I did. The unexpected turns in the story became more and more interesting. The trip through the wilderness unfolds with vivid descriptions of water and land, making the mystery come alive. Stories within stories made me wonder what would happen next. The bravery of the characters – doing the kept me engaged.

AS a Canadian who lived in the USA, I enjoyed the description of the Ontario lakes = from the viewpoint of an American city-dweller. I ended up really enjoying the plot and the outcome. Worth reading.

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