Thursday, May 12, 2016

Does God Exist? And 51 Other Compelling Questions About God and the Bible by Conway, Bobby

★★★★ ☐ The publisher has provided a copy for review.
Conway is the pastor of a non-denominational church and founder of "The One Minute Apologist." This collection of questions offers viewpoints from the perspective of a conservative, non-charismatic Protestant.

Conway intersperses 52 theological questions like "God who are you?" and "Who is the Trinity" with social and moral questions like "Is it okay to smoke marijuana?" and Does the Bible approve of sex changes?" It explores social responsibility and hot-buttons: "Should Christians vote?" and "Did love win in the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage?"

I found the juxtaposition of topics strange and occasionally disconcerting. The scope of the questions is far-reaching. The number of questions makes this an interesting exploration, especially for inquirers who are new to Christian faith.

As a Pentecostal believer, I may disagree with some of the finer points of Conway's theology, but nothing here will undermine an honest quest for scriptural truth.

I liked the format of the chapter reviews: Thought to Ponder; a memory verse, a Question to Consider, and a link to a "One-Minute Apologist Video."

Recommended for inquirers. Also recommended for Christians who want to examine their beliefs today's climate of changing values ... in light of scripture and American Christianity.

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