Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Third Calling by Richard and Leona Bergstrom

★★★★★  The publisher provided a copy for review
So you thought you were done. That no one cares about your expertise or or what's on your heart ... because you're getting older. But what if God wants to use all of your experiences and give you a new calling at the peak of your career or in retirement?

The Bergstroms redefine what it means to be getting older. This creative, counter-cultural generation of Boomer s (50+) is a big group of people. The authors ask us to consider the possibility that leading-edge Boomers should - and can - continue to significantly impact the world.

"We propose an entirely new paradigm and name for this season and adventure we call aging.  We implore individuals and our entire generation to consider a Third Calling." (Richard Buckminster Fuller)

This is the story of my husband and me. We left secure careers and are doing crazy adventurous things we dreamed of doing as young people. We established a family, were active in our communities ... and have left it all behind for a new season, our own Third Calling.

If you're bored, wondering what's next, and not ready to drift into the sunset, pick up a copy ASAP. And hang on. You're about to explore what God has for you and perhaps to embark on the most exciting, most fun, and most challenging part of your life!

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