Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Complete Photo Guide to Hand Lettering and Calligraphy by Abbey Sy

★★★★ ☐ The publisher has provided a copy for review.
If you have an event coming up and you need placards, a customized art piece, or just want to memorialize a saying, you'll love this photo guide. You'll see the how-to for lettering, find projects to make your own, get practice sheets and spacing grades, and find out how to use and combine various alphabets.

I recommend this for people with great appreciation for beautiful letters but limited skill, as well as for those of us who have taken calligraphy courses before. The nice thing about this is that you'll pull it out again and again: finish one project, put it aside for a while. I promised that you'll find yourself reaching for the book again when you're ready for your next lettering exploits. Pretty as well as practical!

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