Monday, January 25, 2016

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground: protecting your family from spiritual attacks by Jim Logan

★★★★★  The publisher provided a copy for review.
What does your family struggle with? Does it seem like you're trying to work things out but never make progress? Consider what's underneath. Unseen. Unresolved for you or your spouse ... or between you and those you love.

Logan, a counselor and spiritual mentor, asks us to look at the spiritual markers that are holding us back. Where has the family - especially parents - given way to wrong thinking and wrong acting? Rather than naming our consistent wrong-doing "addiction," Logan asks us to name it as sin - rebellion against God and a stronghold for the enemy of our souls (Satan).

Consider the process of engagement: admitting our sins, repenting and turning to God for forgiveness and the power to move forward.

Whether you're tired of struggling - or just starting the adventure of marriage and family, here's a practical yet spiritual book based in scripture.

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