Sunday, October 18, 2015

50 More Ways to Soothe Yourself without Food by Susan Albers

The publisher has provided a copy for review.

★★★★ Susan Albers offers complementary and alternative medicine techniques (CAM) that are "easy, economical, and effective." Do you habitually eat / overeat when stressed, needing comfort, depressed, -- or even celebrating?

Albers says such "eating is not a problem about food--it's a problem of self-soothing."

After discussing the benefits and effects of stress-eating, Albers offers practical distractions that include physical, mental, and emotional shifts. The book is very action-oriented. "Try this Instead of eating!"

Many of the suggestions are fun alternatives to grabbing a chocolate bar or another snack. Some are religious practices, particularly from Eastern religions. As a Christian, I'll avoid those. I will tuck into some of the writing, music, and sensory exercises to divert my attention from eating as well as other bad habits. Hmmm, can one of these end my nail-biting during Korean dramas? That may be a different issue entirely.

Enjoy it - with the consciousness that the book includes and espouses religious practices that may conflict with your own traditions.

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