Wednesday, October 14, 2015

INTRO - 3 bags full of books

Aren't we privileged to be readers? To have so many books available to us?

I always seem to have "3 Bags Full" of books. The blog photo was taken in our cabin - even there we have shelves of reading on hand. Mind you, when we travel to teach or explore, we read electronically. So many books, so little time!

Questions: please tell us as much or little about your own reading habits as you'd like.

  • Are you are reader? (Personal habit, preference, mandated by work, etc.?)
  • Your favorite genre/s?
  • Do you prefer paper or electronic books / magazines / journals, etc.?
  • Favorite spot for reading? Tub? Easy chair? Office? Bed? Or?
  • Books you read over and over?
  • Why you read - information? entertainment? pass the time? relaxation? ... or?
  • What else do you love about reading?
Books reviews coming shortly.  Follow the blog for what the books teach or tell me. Your comments and book critiques always welcome!

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