Monday, October 19, 2015

Plain Fame by Sarah Price

★★★★ ☐ The publisher has provided a copy for review.

This was a sweet read. The book offers light entertainment full of the beginnings of romance. In this first book of several, we meet rock star Alejandro, an Amish woman Amanda, and her family. You'll like them right away.

Plain Fame showcases Amish culture through the eyes of people inside and outside of the group. If you haven't been to Amish country, this will make you feel like you've visited. It may even make you feel nostalgic for earlier times, being surrounded by close-knit communities, and living on the land.

If you have a relaxing afternoon ahead or need a book to read on the train or in the car, make yourself comfortable with a cup of tea and this book.
It's pure enjoyment without having to dodge R-rated scenes, so you can relax in the story. Young adults may enjoy reading it, too. 

Have fun! I did.

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