Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit by Laura Harris Smith

★★★★ ☐ The publisher has provided a copy for review.
If you're interested in a spiritual, physical, and mental bootcamp, this may be the book for you. It includes diet, disciplines like fasting technology and other distractions, and getting motivated to exercise body and spirit.

It's a bit hardcore. I don't have time right now to adhere to a rigid exclusion of food and actions. But it's a book I'd appreciate during a sabbatical or an eased schedule.

If you need clarity and focus on spiritual disciplines during Lent or just need to reboot your Christian walk, this program may provide impetus and clarity. It's specific. Direct. Prescriptive. Informative.

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