Thursday, April 21, 2016

On Pastoring: a short guide to living, leading, and ministering as a pastor by H. B. Charles

★★★★★  The publisher provided a copy for review.
The title was simple and to the point. I thought I knew what Charles would say. 

But this book was richer. I began to make notes on the basic - but profound - insights from the author's years as a church pastor. The chapters on character, calling, placement, and stewardship (of the congregation, the board, and self) make it a book for young or mature church leaders. 

Beyond the title of "pastor," there are many leadership roles in the church and in religious non-profits. Most leaders would profit from the suggestions on keeping spiritual vibrancy, mentoring, preparation for sermons and meetings, and conflict resolution.

The pastor's heart comes through, as does the wisdom wrought from failures and successes. I especially appreciated the transparency of Charles in how he came to the methods and approaches he uses. Not all are shared by all male leaders. For example, he has counseled women (limited, but not completely restricted) and he considers the lead pastor responsible for the entire service, including the music (though various activities may be delegated). 

I'd recommend this as a refresher for anyone in ministry, whether your role is leadership or support.

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