Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Switch on your Brain: the key to peak happiness, thinking, and health by Caroline Leaf

★★★★ I actually bought this one.
The book's promise is great. You can change your whole life, your physical brain structure, and your way of thinking.

Based on her conclusions from therapeutic practice and a wide range of research studies, Leaf offers a new point of view to those willing to undertake at least 3 sessions of her 21-day Brain Detox Plan (outlined in the book.) I'm going to try at least one session to rework a cannot-do attitude in an important area of my life. So I should report back in a month or two and say how I'm doing, right?

I didn't give this full stars because of her selective and surprising use of scripture. In context, not all of the passages are intended as quoted. This is a serious flaw, which my theologian husband often remarks upon in pop theology. I'm not recommending the book to him because he'd be so offended by the plethora of out-of-context quotes. Oh well. 

In the end, I think Leaf offers real potential for moving from negative and limited thinking to positive and constructive thoughts. Expecting great things moves us forward into new possibilities.

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